Monday, March 21, 2011

The Solito Family - Bay Area Family Portrait Photography

I've known the Solito family since I was born... literally.  I grew up with Jeremy and his brother Jason never living more than a few minutes from us.  I also had the pleasure of going to high school with Jeremy and his brother, as well as seeing Lorna, their mother, at school almost every day.

Certainly as we've all grown older we've started our own families and see each other less, but it's such a pleasure to catch up with the Solitos and find out how things are going.  So when I got the call to head up to San Francisco to do a portrait session with Lorna, Jeremy and Jeremy's daughter, I was super excited!  And, thank the Lord, the weather held out for us for the entire shoot!  YAY for good weather!

We hit the Palace of Fine Arts, a place I haven't been to in quite honestly at least two decades.  Yeah. I'm old.  Whatever.  But it truly is a beautiful place full of amazing architecture that is the perfect backdrop for any day.

Without further adieu, say hello to the Solito family!


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  1. Awesome work, as always! I really like the shot of her being thrown in the air.