Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Wyatt has arrived - Bay Area Infant and Family Photography

Bryan and Laura have been friends of mine and my wife's for a few years now.  In fact, we all hung out together for the first time at a mountain bike race (do all of my blog posts involve mountain biking?  LOL!) in Tahoe two summers ago.  Laura and my wife, Jehn, cheered Bryan on as we raced down the rocky mountain trails.

Well, we had a chance to get some shots of them with their adorable (and well behaved!) new son, Wyatt.  Afterward, we hopped in the car to head home and both had a good talk that went something like, "Isn't it a blessing to have good people in our lives?"  "Yes, yes it is.  People like Bryan and Laura (and Tonks, and Zoomie - their adorable bulldogs), and of course, OF COURSE, their new family edition, Wyatt Ty."

Having amazing people in your life is one of life's simplest pleasures, but probably one of the most often overlooked.  And having a new child in your life is probably one of the greatest and most well known pleasures in life.  We got to appreciate both the simple pleasure of good people, and the greatest pleasure, a smiling new baby, for an afternoon.  It totally made our day! We truly are the luckiest people around.

Welcome, Wyatt Ty.  Bryan and Laura, we are so happy for you!  You guys will truly, make amazing parents.  And Bryan, you best get Wyatt on a mountain bike ASAP!

3 Generations of Huot boys, all in one house.  I love these shots!

Zoomie and Tonks are obviously not camera shy.  And they love their new baby brother!

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