Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tracy and Luke - Bay Area Portrait Photography

Tracy has been my sister since... haha... she was born, I suppose.  So you could say that I've known her for a while.  Well, lucky me, she asked me to do some photos for her and her boyfriend, my good friend, Luke.  We avoided the kissing pictures for the most part because, no matter how old she is, it's still weird to see my little sister kissing anyone.  For some reason, in my head, whenever Luke and Tracy get married it'll be okay to see them kiss.  Until then...  NO!  HAHAHA!

They each got a new bike recently, and of course my love for bikes set in, so I told them - BRING THE BIKES!  And they did.  And lucky us... the weather actually held out!  It was raining all week, and rain was scheduled for the day we chose.  But God must have been watching out for us, because it literally stopped raining for a mere 1 hour while we shot.  Yay!


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