Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ben and Danielle are husband and wife! - Northern California Wedding Photography

Danielle Fox... Excuse me!  Danielle Popa!  How far back have I known you?  Since you were 6?  7?  Or was it 10 or 11 when you and Tracy got into Junior High School?  Either way, it's been a while.  A long while.  Long enough to know more inside jokes between you and my sister than any older brother ever wants to know.  But it certainly gives us something to laugh about... "A dip-dip!"  Okay, enough with the jokes.  :-)

Danielle's beautiful late-winter wedding took place in the normally blistering hot Sacramento, but in February it gets cold there!  Who knew?  Danielle picked the perfect backdrop in Arden Hills ( as it was gorgeous with everything you could ever want.  And we had amazing weather!!  (it was raining a few days before and a few days after).  Amazing weather is such a blessing, especially in February.

The details and hard work from all sides made this wedding beautiful.  The rings, the shoes, the dresses - all perfect.  And everyone's hard work - WOW.  If I'm not mistake, I saw Danielle... THE BRIDE... doing eyelashes!  I guess Danielle's hard-working attitude carries over into even her very own wedding!  Amazing!

The best part about working with old family friends, is how smooth everything goes.  No awkward silences or breaks.  And complete and utter trust.  I trusted Danielle would make her wedding beautiful, and she trusted us to capture the day.  Things like that are why we love to get to know our clients before their wedding...  It just makes everything so much more fun!  And fun this wedding most definitely was!

Gotta' love the verse they cited in their ceremony... "Love is patient, love is kind..."  As often as we hear this, it will never be cliche'.  It's so true.

Danielle and Ben, we love you guys and wish the absolute best for you both.  We simply cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two in your marriage together.






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