Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Brenna has arrived!

What is there to say, honestly?  I've known Eric for years and just met his wife recently.  And they're amazing.  And they have an amazing family that just got bigger.  Little Brenna was born just two weekends ago, and she's beautiful.  And hungry.  And cranky... not because of her parents.  They are wonderful and so nurturing.  But because of me... and the pointing of my camera in her face for so long!  But she's adorable!  What can you do?  I couldn't stop!

When it comes to new life, there's not much to say.  I truly believe that pictures speak a million words.  So, to make this one simple, all I can say is Eric and Melissa; Congratulations.  Brenna is beautiful, and I have no doubt that you both will be amazing parents.  And Brenna.  I'm sorry for taking so many pictures!  But in my shoes, you'd have done the same thing.  ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Turbo has a new little sister.  He was very interested in what was going on, and wanted to make sure his little sister was okay.  I reassured him that everything was just fine.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Second shooting...

...can be such a pleasure.  I've had the joy of other photographers taking me under their wing and offering their help at almost every turn.  To name a few, Ashley and Jason Maxwell, Jon and Joanne Encarnacion, Lindsey Freitas, and for this particular shoot, Kristen Gonzales.  It seems everywhere I look people are looking to support me, whether it be fellow photographers, friends, my family, my in-laws, and especially my wife.  Heck, even our dogs support my be sitting still here and there for the occasional snapshot.

I can't express how happy it makes me to be shooting with Kristen.  She's amazing, has such a keen eye for details and a total knack for making people smile and laugh.  She called me up a few months ago and asked if I'd second shoot a wedding in December with her, which I thought was amazing, so of course I said yes!  December weddings are a rarity, so I'm super looking forward to getting out there and shooting.  But before we set foot into a church for the wedding in December, Kristen wanted to make sure that Debra and Mike were comfortable with us, and that we got to know Debra and Mike... which didn't take long.  Turns out that Mike is building up a Santa Cruz full suspension and had a few questions and, wouldn't you know it... that's the way to my heart - BICYCLES.  And Debra, well, it goes without saying: If you can't see how sweet and kind she is by these pictures along, you may be blind.  ;-)

Thanks to Kristen for having me out!

A few edits with a different style.  Thought I'd try something new for a change.



Monday, November 15, 2010

People to keep you sane...

We all work jobs that are tough.  My wife is one of those people.  She sacrifices more for our family everyday than I do in a month.  I really believe that.  So it goes without saying that there are people (besides yours truly) that keep her sane during the day to day grind.  Jill is one of those people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jill and John at their daughter's first birthday a few months ago which, consequently, was one of the first times my wife ever TRULY picked up a camera.  They are such a good looking couple.  And hiding under that good-looking-ness (is that a word? It is now!  HAHA!) are two people who are sweet, kind, patient, and they both have gracious hearts.  As I said, Jill has kept my wife from losing her mind for quite a while now around their office, and accordingly to Jill, my wife has been able to return the favor.  And John...  he seems to carry an air of patience.  But he's a mountain biker at heart, and that says something about someone in this photographer/mountain biker's mind... so I know when times get crazy, John gets moving.

When Jill asked me if we'd do family portraits with them, I couldn't have been happier!  It was an exciting day filled with laughter over what "the Pies" was doing.  It seemed that gravel was the most interesting toy, and crawling backwards along sidewalks is a favorite past time.  :-)

Without further adieu...




Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old friends beating cancer...

Lee I've known since middle school... maybe elementary school. And Mikey since high school.  They were my first friends to get married, and almost immediately were pregnant with Lexi.  Mikey began his battle with cancer about a year and a half ago.  As of last month, he is officially 1 year cancer free, and has a completely new outlook on life.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from his 1-Year Cancer Free party, but I think we made up for that by getting them out of the house for a little while last week to shoot some family photos.

Here's a few from the photo shoot I did for them last weekend with the help of my lovely wife.  :smile:



Monday, November 8, 2010

Some old pictures...

Not too terribly old, but I've had a chance to roll through some older images from the past few months.  Some images that I just didn't get around to editing, or images that I almost just about didn't even look at.  Little family get togethers, friends coming into town, etc.  I think it's important to roll through these, because there's something relaxing about shooting the fam.  It's easy.  I know what they like and what they don't like.  In fact, I can take a picture of my mom and sister and instantaneously I get the look of "delete that picture".  Sometimes I do... sometimes I don't.  Usually it goes something like:

Me: "Hey everyone!  Over here!"
My sister/mom: "I better not have an uggy face in that picture!"
Me: "You guys look great!"  -insert micheivious smirk here-
My sister/mom: "Delete it, Michael."
Me: *sigh*

ANYWAY, here's a few fun ones from a recent visit from mine and my wife's friend, and fellow photographer, Erin Michelle.  Check her out if you get a chance or if you're in or around the Colorado area.  She specializes in boudoir, kids, families, and weddings... and she's fantastic!

My beautiful wife hard at work.  She looks good with a camera in her hand.  

And here's a few more from some other adventures.

This is one my wife's mother actually took of us.  I love this image!

These are from my brother's ordination in Southern California earlier this year.

Haven't eaten any candy since last year.  UGH.

My brother gettin' ready for his ordination and to say a brief sermon.

Youth pastor/brother... hard at work.  He and his wife obviously relate well to their students.

My mom and dad... being themselves.