Monday, December 19, 2011

What a fishy Christmas - Bay Area Family and Child Photography and Portraiture

Every year around Christmas the in-laws love to take us somewhere.  A nice dinner, a show, etc.  And you know what?  We love it that way.  Tearing into gifts on a morning where you smell the burning from a fire place, hot cocoa, and listen to the ripping of wrapping paper and the pitter-patter of rain is awesome.  But we so much, in our busy lives, just value the slow down and visiting with those who mean the most to us.  And yesterday, we had just that opportunity.  And it was glorious.

So we packed the diaper bag, hopped into the Volvo, and headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my wife's wonderful parents, and our little guy.  And he loved every second of it.

I'll let the pictures speak for the wonder in his eyes and the knowledge that he picked up, albeit visually.  But I think we just might have a future marine biologist on our hands!

Happy holidays to you, your family and friends.  Slow down.  Take a moment.  Remember to appreciate those around you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jen and Dan are married! Bay Area Wedding Photography

Well, we waited almost a year to see Jen and Dan tie the knot.  Having met them in the fall of 2010, we had the chance to let the excitement build over the year.  And man, was it worth it.  Sure there was great weather, amazing views, and a lot of love.  But this wedding was FUN.  Fun like no other.  Laughing, crazy dancing, and people smiling all night long.  And we couldn't be happier to be a part of something like this, and being able to call Jen and Dan friends - true friends.

We love you guys, and had a blast having you over for dinner a few weeks ago.  And thanks for yelling at our dogs because, hey, if you don't do it, we will!

Blessings galore being prayed your way!