Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pushing my limits...

There comes a point in time when every photographer must step out of their comfort zone, and practice a skill of photography that they're unfamiliar with.  Tonight, after my beautiful wife went to bed a tad early, I explored the PC port on my D300.  Yes, that sounds odd, but it's been a long time coming.

You see, a few months ago I ordered some Yongnuo triggers.  Beyond just triggering off camera flashes, they can actually act as a shutter release for any camera with a PC port and can even auto-focus for you!  Impressive for $56 when you consider you get one trigger, two receivers, all of the PC and other cables you'll need, along with true Duracel batteries.

I'd like to say that I spent hours figuring things out, learning them, and using them.  But it was so simple that the longest part of my setup was screwing the cable into the port, and setting up my tripod.  Below are a few images that I captured tonight of myself.  Just good ol' lazy ol' me.

Why do I post this?  Because I believe it's important to push my limits.  I believe it is important to stay on my toes.  While my focus and my true love is shooting people... Your wedding, your family, your kids...  I have a VERY firm belief that all photography skills play a vital and key role in other aspects of photography.  Going out and shooting a football game one weekend may give me ideas or skills for the next wedding.  Taking pictures of my wife making the bed or vacuuming may help me the next time you call me to shoot your family portraits.  In fact, shooting street scenes in San Francisco might give me an amazing idea for taking keep-sake photos of your kids.

I'm in a constant effort to improve my passion.  So that's why I stay up late, fiddle with my gear, practice new skills from new angles and crank out new ideas... and live to blog about it.

Have a great evening friends... and you photographers!  Make sure to get out of your comfort zone over the next week!  Strictly natural light?  Shoot with flash.  Shoot only families?  Go shoot a lacrosse game.  Only do pets?  Go snap some landscapes.  And keep yourself on your toes!


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