Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Brenna has arrived!

What is there to say, honestly?  I've known Eric for years and just met his wife recently.  And they're amazing.  And they have an amazing family that just got bigger.  Little Brenna was born just two weekends ago, and she's beautiful.  And hungry.  And cranky... not because of her parents.  They are wonderful and so nurturing.  But because of me... and the pointing of my camera in her face for so long!  But she's adorable!  What can you do?  I couldn't stop!

When it comes to new life, there's not much to say.  I truly believe that pictures speak a million words.  So, to make this one simple, all I can say is Eric and Melissa; Congratulations.  Brenna is beautiful, and I have no doubt that you both will be amazing parents.  And Brenna.  I'm sorry for taking so many pictures!  But in my shoes, you'd have done the same thing.  ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Turbo has a new little sister.  He was very interested in what was going on, and wanted to make sure his little sister was okay.  I reassured him that everything was just fine.

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