Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Ian

I never used to be scared to be a parent. But as the thought of having kids becomes more real over the next year or two, I've quickly realized how terrifying it could be. But if you're parents like Catherine and Russell, with a little guy like their son, Ian, well... it doesn't seem so bad. They make it look easy.

Catherine (Cat) and Russell have been dear friends to my wife since college, and friends of mine since before my wife and I got married. It was my absolute pleasure to snap some photos of them with their baby boy, Ian, over the weekend. He is very animated and extremely well behaved. The best part about it though, at least for me, was being able to capture the joy they have as being parents.

Something else they made easy - my job. They're very photogenic, and Ian was a pleasure to shoot. I also learned making the noise "weep weep weep" seems to invoke laughter in small children... something I will have to remember for future shoots. :-)

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