Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Connecting with other photographers shouldn't be viewed like most other businesses. A lot of people think that by connecting themselves or aligning themselves with other businesses, competition can rise in an unhealthy manner. But reality is, that's just not true in photography. Certainly, there are those militant and "locals only" (surf mentality reference) types, but most that I've met have been quite friendly. Talk gear for a moment, give tips, get tips, trade stories, swap ideas. It's pretty amazing how friendly this community is.

And so, a person from my past asked me to write an article or tutorial - which ended up being more of a story - for her new website - http://www.clickchickcafe.com/.

Erin Michelle and I went to high school together, and oddly enough, so did Ashley Maxwell. These two other photographers are people I admire very much. In fact, about two years ago before snapping away behind the lens became such a passion for me, my wife and I admired Ashley's photos so much that we hired her to do our wedding photos - which came out amazing, might I add.

In any case, go check out the website, read my article, read the others, and see what you think. I read through them all, and I think I learned something new in each and every one of those articles, even the one that I wrote! Haha!

If you're curious, check out:

Erin Michelle's website at: http://www.erinmichellephotographer.com/

And Ashley Maxwell's website at: http://www.ashleymaxwellphoto.com/

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