Monday, September 21, 2009

A little more mountain biking...

It was a HOT-HOT day on Sunday, and lugging 25 pounds of camera gear, my Leatt, full face, and a 45 pound bike to the top of the hill was on the agenda. Absolutely wretched. BUT, I was able to get a few good photos out of it. As usual I opted for the 55-200, SU-800, and SB-600.

Not too long before this outing, just a few shorts hours earlier to be exact, I decided to go shoot some photos of my little cousins playing baseball. It was going okay until about 15 photos in I opted to change the settings on my camera to compensate for shadows. Needless to say, I'm an idiot, and when I changed shooting positions (the other side of the field), I forgot to change my settings back so most of my photos came out WAYYY too warm. I'll post those tomorrow.

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