Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Party for Jeffrey...

My little cousin (actually, I think the true relationship is second cousin) had his 7th birthday on Saturday, so of course I nabbed my camera bag and off we went. None of these pictures are necessarily spectacular. In fact, with how fast these kids were moving, I simply didn't have time to setup anything the way I wanted. Some photos are a little dark, some are a little too light, but there were the best of the bunch. After reviewing them, though, I wonder if I like them because of the facial expressions, and because they're family and I love hanging out with family, or if it's because they're actually good photos. Eitherway, it was a good time. 1 hot link, 2 hot dogs, chips, candy, cake, playing with Legos, and lots of kids running around and laughing made for a great day in the sun.

Mostly shot with my 55-200 and my Sb-600 (for the outdoor and cake stuff), but a few of the portrait style shots were done w/o flash and with the 35mm f/1.8.

The Birthday Boy.

The Birthday Boy's brother.

The wife and my mom. For some reason, my camera decided to focus on Jehn instead of both of them, so mom's face is a tad OOF (Out Of Focus). But still a good capture, I think.
Time for the PiƱata!

My aunt and my mom.

Time for cake!

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