Friday, October 7, 2011

The Myers Family - Bay Area Family Photography

Wow.  Being sick for a week and shooting a triple header (three weddings in one weekend), all while sick and trying to help out around the house.  That makes for some long days and, as the case my be, days spent away from the computer and the blog.

BUT, I have something to share.  The Myers family.

Jehn and I have known Donald, Heather and Xara for a few years now, and we love them.  They were the first in our church group to have a little one, and oh how Xara has grown.  I always thought I wanted 2 kids, both boys.  But after watching Xara grow up, I changed my mind.  I kinda' want a boy and a girl.  And we have our Royce, so now we just need a little girl.  But not for a while!!!!!

Here's a few from their little family shoot from a week or two ago.

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