Monday, October 24, 2011

Erikka & Greg are engaged! - Bay Area Engagement and Wedding Photography

One of my joys is making clients feel comfortable and, well, happy.  I think that in our society today with everything being "EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!!!!!", people underestimate the power of being simply comfortable, and happy.  And this past weekend I truly felt as though I had the opportunity to make some people feel comfortable and happy.  Those people were Erikka and Greg.

I pulled up to the beach and Erikka was bouncing around, a little nervous, but mostly excited as she told me.  It cracks me up to see people giddy with excitement.  But I can't honestly take full credit for her excitement, because it instantaneously hit me that while she was excited to have a little part of her life documented photographically, that it was Greg who had her all excited and giddy.  And the love and joy and playfulness between these two is all too obvious.  I mean, just look at the photos!

Congratulations to both of you, Erikka and Greg. I already love you both, and cannot wait for you two to tie the knot in February!

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