Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Millad and Brian are married! Bay Area Wedding Photography

Millad and I have known each other for almost 20 years. Yes... TWENTY years. Yikes! How is this even possible? Well, mid-year in 5th grade, she showed up in my elementary school classroom. We attended the same junior high, but parted ways shortly thereafter. Flash forward another 15 years, and the magic of Facebook has us reconnecting. And to my joy, she was engaged. And engaged to her now amazing husband, Brian.

I get to party all the time with different friends and clients. And I've felt blessed and honored to be at people's weddings before, but at Millad and Brian's wedding, I felt special. I felt like people went out of their way to make me, the sometimes forgotten photographer, special. Man, was that a good feeling. And that's just the type of family that Millad married into, and that's just the type of family that Brian married into.

Add to the fact that I was made to feel special and invited all day long the culture from Millad's Persian family, Brian's quiet and calming demeanor (I've never seen a groom quite so relaxed before a wedding - like he knew marrying Millad was "just right"), the millions of details from the flowers, to the food, to the antique medicine bottles on each table, to the campfire S'mores and the beautiful weather, well, it truly was the perfect day. And better yet, I got the spend the day capturing someone I consider a dear friend committing the rest of her life to a truly great man.

Millad and Brian, you two have amazing hearts, and I can't wait to see what you do together. You both are incredibly hard working, and I know that whatever you do, It will be out of this world. And filled with love.

A huge thank you to my friend Cassie Green for teaming up with me and helping me make some beautiful images.  Also, a shout out to Graham King of who did the videography.  And, of course, for my amazing wife who is, without a doubt, my support, my strength, my love.. and a fellow photographer.