Saturday, June 18, 2011

A super-moto kinda' family shoot - Northern California Family Photography

I love capturing a few moments in people's lives.  I find it so strange that people only capture 1-2 hours of their life every 6-12 months.  And it seems to me that capturing only 8-10 hours of the most important day of their life (eg. a wedding) just doesn't do it.  Which is why I was super stoked for today.  Isaac and Michelle have been friends of mine for quite a while.  Isaac I've known from the Volkswagen scene many, MANY moons ago, and he later got me into my #1 free-time passion, mountain biking.  If it weren't for that stress relief of being on a bike, I've have lost my mind 100 times over.  And Michelle, I had the pleasure of working for doing freelance paralegal work.  Not everyone will find this fun, but I found reading police reports relaxing and enjoyable.  But hey, I'm weird.

Well, today we headed out for a full day of fun and photography.  First some Highway 9 action on their bikes.  I got to drive their door-less "4-door" Jeep.  Then we took off for Discovery Bay where their boat is docked.  I got the grand tour of Discovery Bay by those who know it best.  I've also had the pleasure of watching their two kids grow up.  As Jehn and I prepare for our son to come into this world, I'm happy to know that awesome friends like Isaac and Michelle will be in our lives to watch our kid(s) grow up.

Here's just a few shots from today.  I suppose, considering this moto-riding, bike racing, wake-boarding family, these could be considered... dare I say it?  Family SPORTraits?  ;-)

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