Sunday, June 5, 2011

ALLorNOTHING - Bay Area Classical Guitar Photography... J/k.

So, last year I got a call from my buddy Chris Chance who owns In His Name Clothing.  He sponsors a few bands with his shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies.  ALLorNOTHING is one of those bands, and they needed some promo shots, so of course I took the job!

A few weeks ago Lazarus, the lead singer of the band, hit me up and told me that they had a show going on in Sunnyvale, CA.  And, again, of course I took the job.  And I had a blast.

I'm not a music aficionado, but can appreciate some talent.  What I can also appreciate is the message that Laz and the rest of the brand bring.  Right before their last song, Laz paused for 2 minutes, and gave a message of hope.  Something that, when you hear their music, if you don't listen carefully to their lyrics, you just might not pick up on.  But this message of hope offers something greater... As Laz put it, "It's not about me, it's not about us, it's not about you... it's about Him."  Laz was confident but not cocky, and entirely unapologetic for offering a message he knows has changed his life, has changed my life, and has changed millions of lives.  This is something rare to find these days, especially in a band with such talent.

I plan to be at many of of ALLorNOTHING's shows.  You should plan on doing the same.

Check out ALLorNOTHING at their MySpace page here:

Check out Chris Chance's clothing line, In His Name, over here:             Facebook

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