Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If I were single...

I'd be a mountain bike photographer. The people, the gear, the action... I love it.

But I'm not single, and that shouldn't be read with a single ounce of disappointment. I love my life, I especially love my wife, I love our home, and I love our family. I even love the area we live in. And I love the devotion I get to give towards making a home and keeping my family (both sides) happy. Plus, this way, when I get to shoot something I really enjoy - which is just about anything now that I think about it - like people, weddings, family events, cars, and sports like mountain biking, it really gets me excited.

Here's a few photos from over the weekend. And thanks to my buddies for letting me snap-snap-snap away!

P.S. Maurer wedding photos to come... possibly this afternoon or tomorrow.

Jamie kicks off the day with a nice whip.

Three different photos at three different times, and Dom nailed his whip every time.

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