Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Matt and Anna's wedding...

It's weird, sometimes, wanting to get into the wedding industry.  Or should I say the people industry?  Anyway, it's weird.  It's weird because the last few weddings I've been to I've been so focused on taking pictures, and getting the job done, and getting it done right, that I've almost forgot about how important it is to enjoy the moment, even while on the job.  A lot of photographers might disagree.  But enjoying the moment is something that helps my creative juices flow, and genuinely makes me a better photographer!  A deep breath, and celebrating two lives devoting the rest of their existence to each other, until death do they part, well... That's an amazing thing.

To be honest, I never recognized how amazing this devotion, this promise was until I got married.  Now I have an entirely different perspective of marriage and the joy, the promise, and the hard work that it takes to succeed.  And that makes me want to provide images that will last far into the future for my clients to look back on and remember that one day that sparked a lifetime of love, happiness, joy... and, of course, hard work.

So, I had a chance to enjoy a wedding this past weekend.  Of course, my photography obsession tagged along with me, but I did quiet my desire to snap-snap-snap away for a few moments, during the ceremony, to regain my composure on what a wedding is truly about.  And it felt good.

But, once my mind and heart were in the right place, I starting snapping away again, and enjoyed every minute of it.  EVERY minute of it.

My wife's cousin Anna, and her new husband Matt - two of the most kind and amazing people I've ever known:

My lovely wife should pick up a camera and take pictures.  Look at this amazing shot!

My wife and I (taken by my amazing mother-in-law):

My beautiful wife (D300 w/ old school 50mm manual focus lens)

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