Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Gear addicts" - A nice way to say "Gear whor... errr... promiscuous people."

Fine.  So be it.  Whatever.  I am one.  I love new gear, and I love using it.  Why?  I'm really not a "show off" kinda' guy.  I like things that go bling in the night as much as anyone else, especially when they bling that delicious gold and black of a Nikon lens. Mmm-Mmm-MMMMM.

But when I pick up a new tool, I doesn't sit it in my closet or a desk drawer.  Picking up a new tool forces me to be out in the field using it.  It draws me to a new place, new faces, a new event, and makes me want to click-click-click away - capturing the moment. I can't exactly say why, but it does. 

Sure, there are the performance gains of being able to zoom without fluctuating aperture.  Sure, there is the added weight, so maybe I'm getting a better work out.  And sure, there are the "oooohs" and "ahhhhhs" from people who all-to-often say, "Man.  That's a big camera.  Must take great photos."...

"...Yes sir.  My camera takes great photos."  And as one photographer put it so eloquently, "And your pricey pots and pans must make delicious meals."

Yes, sure, I love new gear.  But mainly because it adds confidence to my sessions.  It adds a little something-something to my drive to be better.  It adds some umph to my desire to be better at what I do and produce better memories each and every time I pick up my camera.

So, there.  Call me what you will.  But new gear can have a profound effect.

As for this photographer?  Right now I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, all thanks to a super amazing wife who supports me in all sorts of ways.  I love you, HP!

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