Thursday, January 7, 2010

When the wife is away...

...the hubby will play. Well, not in the sense that most think of when hearing that statement. But I've done a few manly things that I normally don't do when the wife is around. Left dishes in the sink, let the dog sleep on the bed, and took some additional time to take some photos AND make some delicious sausages.

A little side yard BBQ'ing and some chicken sausages with freshly grated Colby Jack, freshly diced onions, ketchup and hotdog relish all on "gourmet" (used loosely) Trader Joe's buns. Delicious.

I do wish there was better lighting on my face, like maybe if the BBQ had been facing the other direction. But I love the contrast in colors between the blue sky, the yellow incandescent bulb, and my red hoodie. As for the focusing, I had to do some guess work. I can't really tell if my face is in focus, but my pants are! HAHA!

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