Monday, December 21, 2009

Playing around and Christmas cards

So, the wife wanted me to do a few shots of her Christmas cards that she made but she wanted to use our D300. Well, she's a little lost with all of those buttons, so I offered to help her. Umbrella, camera right, SB-600, and bounced my other SB-600 off the left wall for these shots of her. I think they're cute. :-)

As for these shots of her Christmas cards, I'm pleased with these. Only took about 3 test shots to get the lighting about where I wanted it, which is impressive because I usually chimp about a dozen (if not more) times to simply get my lighting right. Just used the SB-600 into my umbrella, camera right, on this one. Got some "group" shots of multiple cards, and then did some individual ones. Personally, I think the cards are fantastic, 100% homemade, and my wife is super talented and awesome. And my less than creative photos of her AMAZINGLY creative cards are okay, too. She's considering selling these, which I think she should.

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