Monday, August 1, 2011

Maria & Vance - a truly cool mother and son duo - Bay Area Family Photography

Seriously... my meeting with Maria and Vance started out with a snake.  No joke.  A snake.  And a good sized one at that.  But we kept our eyes peeled, avoided the slithering animals, and had a wonderful time.  Our adventure at Santa Teresa Park then took a turn for the fedora.  Yes, a turn for the fedora.  Then a turn to some bicycles, a skateboard, some sunglasses, and a trip to Calero Reservoir for a sunset.  Could you ask for a better day?

Vance is a goofy kid, but goofy in a good way.  Not dorky.  He's funny, but carries with him the maturity not usually found in a 9 year old.  And Maria... she's just the mom you want.  The balance of love and good parents with just the right amount of coolness.  A pretty rare find these days, indeed. 

Befriending Maria and Vance has been such a pleasure, and I can't wait to see Vance grow up into a young man.  The love between Maria and Vance isn't at a normal level.  Not to sound like Yoda or anything, but the mother-son bond is strong with these two, and the amount of love overflows so heavily you can't help but be taken a back, even just a little bit, by it.

Meet Maria and Vance.


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