Monday, May 23, 2011

Footsteps of the Cross - Deeply Respectful Photography

I love my church. In fact, I REALLY love it. Their community involvement, especially. Things like Beautiful Day ( is something my wife and I have been involved in for a few years ago.  And we just love seeing the impact our church has on our community.  And, oh yeah, I re-met my wife at our church, too.  So, we have a fondness for where we worship.  :-)

But seriously, they're awesome.  And they have such an artsy crew of people around there. Musicians, painters, sculptors, art teachers, photographers *wink wink*.  We all have our own thing going on, and all have so many opportunities to display our talents.

A few weeks ago I got a chance to photograph a very private event that our church put on.  The footsteps of the cross, aka the stations of the cross.  It gives people a chance to see, touch, feel, and worship, in a manner which is directly related to the crucifixion.  Again, this is a very private event, so I felt super blessed to be able to watch people who were praying, talking to God, and worshiping the Creator.  Very deep experience for me, and I don't get deep very often.

*If you or someone you know is in any of these photographs and would like the image taken down, please let me know.  We understand this was a personal moment and wish to be nothing but respectful.*


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