Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A mid day stroll... Bay Area AWESOME Photography

So, with the acquisition of the new 70-200 VRII lens, I took a daring stroll around downtown San Jose, getting a few looks that said, "Maybe he's the paparazzi", or "He better not be taking a picture of me" or, even worse, "That gear looks expensive.  Maybe I'd like to steal it."

Anyway, I booked it through downtown anyway and got a few shots that never would have come through so crystal clear on my 80-200 AF f/2.8.  This new lens is AMAZING wide open. 

Wowie-wow-wow this lens is freakin' awesome!

So, here's a few shots I recently grabbed with the new glass.

My beautiful wife.  BEE-EEE-AYE-Yootiful.  Day in, day out, dressed to go out on the town, or dressed in her PJ's.  <3

Here's Pepe, aka The Peps, aka The Schleeples.

Here's a shot I really like.  I was shooting in full manaul when I heard this plane fly overhead.  Quickly snapping a shot I realized I totally over-exposed it.  So in post, I brought the exposure down a full -3.00.  Sometimes it pays off to not just delete the shot.

"An afternoon lunch walk."

"Leading Lines."

And some other randoms.

Let's see what's behind bell number...

This gentleman is a local.  I see him pretty regularly.  Definitely going to have to buy him a sandwich next time I see him.

Something a little more out of the ordinary for me, but it's good to expand your horizons once in a while.  

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